vendredi 22 juin 2012

FATAL NUNCHAKU - Paving Stone Under The Beach

Un bon petit groupe de Powerviolence qui nous vient de Toulouse! L'objet est très beau, le vinyl est vert, la pochette est sérigraphiée en plusieurs couleurs et y'a un petit livret sympa!

01 - Nuclear War In My Head
02 - Your First Degree Brutal Lyrics Don't Scare Me And Your Porn Shit Does Not Make Me Laugh At All, You Stupid Asshole
03 - Zombie A Gogo!
04 - Love
05 - Choupinou
06 - Tuerie T'S'
07 - It Seems That This Song Would Have Kick Everybody's Ass, What A Pity That We Fucked It Up From The Beginning
08 - Any Animal Species Is Not A Biological Model For Another One
09 - Son Of A Boss, Son Of A Bitch
10 - Godzilla Attack Attack !
11 - I Do Can Write An Old School Song Too, Dude !
12 - Deep Down Into The Guts Of Hell...
13 - Americarm Allowes Firearm Carrying And Find Death Penally Legal, So What ?
14 - BDecharge
15 - With No Exeption, Every Single Song That Last More Than 30 Seconds Is A Fucking Boring Song And Should Not Exist !
16 - War
17 - I Believe In Seitan Because It Is Good For My Health And For The Animals' One Too !
18 - It Is When I See These Bloody Bastards Being Dead Set Against A Poor Demonstrator That I Really Feel Protected By The Police

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